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Looking after your worms through different seasons

27 Jun 2012
It is important to treat the worms in your worm farm as you would any of your pets. As you go through the different seasons then a little bit of care will go a long way to keeping your worms comfortable and productive. Environmental extremes in factors such as temperature or humidity can really stress out your worms.

In winter, depending on how cold your climate is, keeping your worms warm inside a shed will protect them from extremes, especially if the temperature goes below zero where you are. If you do not have a space indoors then putting your worm farm near a water heater is another alternative for warming it up.

In spring and autumn your worms will be most active during the mild temperatures so it is important to ensure you keep the food up to them. I find that as well as kitchen scraps they also love some well rotted cow manure to keep them satisfied. The tender new weeds that are popping up in the garden at these times also make a wonderful snack for your worms. Just pull them up and bury them slightly in the bedding of the top tray and your worms will love you!

During summer ensure that your worm farm is out of direct sunlight. A shady spot either under a tree or in a shed is good. If you are in a prolonged heat wave ensure the worm beds are not drying out. Running a few litres of water through the worm farm from a watering can will help, as well as generating liquid fertiliser that you can collect and use on your veggie garden. If you really want to be really kind you could put a Hessian blanket over your worm farm and wet it down on very hot days.

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