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150 Litre Compost Bin Kit


The 150L Compost Bin is a great size for inner city composting.

The compost bin has a base door allowing access the 'good stuff' at the bottom whilst not disturbing all of your compost that is still breaking down on top.

The 150L has a lid that interlocks with the base so there is no opportunity for pesky birds that might find themselves interested in having a sneak peak. 

Kit contains

150L Compost Bin

Aerator - Tool that will mix your compost better than a fork 

Compost Conditioner - Keeps unwanted bugs out and keeps your soils acidity levels neutral.

Features and Benefits

  • It looks good!
  • Will compost your food scraps
  • Has a wide opening for all of your sticks and clippings
  • A door at the bottom to access all of the good stuff
  • Insect Repellant holder in lid 
  • Nice handle on the lid to hold on to whilst you empty food/ scraps/ sticks/ leaves into your bin


  • 100% UV protected recycled plastic
  • You can fit up 150L of stuff in there!
  • It is about 76cm Height
  • And it is about 65cm Diameter

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