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Pet Poo Worm Farm


Everyone here at Reln Garden has an animal that has the ability to produce way more poo then we think they are capable of!

We decided to design a product that used the garden, worm farming and composting to help get rid off our beloved pets poo.

So, instead of throwing it into our garbage bin and letting it stink for a week, the Pet Poo uses worms and mother nature to break it down and release all of the goodness back in to our garden.

Once you have put your animals doo doos in to the Pet Poo the worms will do the rest from there, it even has a foot pedal to lift the lid up. 

Pet Poo Composting Kit contains

Pet Poo Composter

- Spiral tool that helps aerate your pet poo

2000 Live Composting Worms - Express post from our growers straight to your door step so they are ready to go

Compost Conditioner - So that your worms can work, work, work in a pH neutral environment. 

Features and Benefits

  • Stops Animals droppings going in to landfill
  • One of our customers has 6 huskies and it has been working great for a year now. Go Pet Poo!
  • Fits in well with your garden
  • It doesn't smell
  • Will also consume kitchen scraps 
  • Full instruction manual included


  • It has a pedal
  • Stylish fitted lid
  • 115cm Height
  • 52cm Diameter
  • 45cm Width

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