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Can I Put Bokashi Scraps in my Worm Farm?

12 Apr 2012

We have recently received some good questions about the Bokashi Bucket scraps. I have trialled and managed a Bokashi Bucket, but we composted the contents in Tumbleweed 220L Compost Bin's. This went well, our compost bins do have a lot of worms in them so I am making an assumption that the Bokashi scraps will be fine in the worm farm. My main question to consider though, and I would like you feedback when you try this, is that the Bokashi pH is probably quite acidic, which worms don't like too much, so I would definitely be adding a good sprinkling of the Tumbleweed Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner,to the worm farm when you add the Bokashi scraps. We always add a regular small amount of 'Conditioner' into both our worm farms and compost bins at the Eco House and Garden Education Centre.

So my short answer is yes I think that the Bokashi scraps could be added into a working worm farm. Make sure you add a sprinkling of 'Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner' in with the Bokashi contents to help balance the pH.

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