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Can I combine garden weeds with kitchen scraps in my Worm Cafe?

12 Apr 2012

The short answer is Yes, but there are some issues to consider before you do!

Fresh, soft, green, leafy weeds (also called ‘wild herbs’) are higher in protein/nitrogen and are more like your kitchen scraps, so the worms will like these.

Make sure the VOLUME of weeds/wild herbs you put in is LESS than the volume of kitchen scraps you put in.

Still continue to add a few handfuls of nice soil on top of the kitchen scraps and also on top of the soft green weeds/wild herbs you put in. Worms need the soil ‘grit’ to put into their ‘Gizzard’ to grind their food. (Remember – Worms do not have teeth!)

Old dry, woody weeds with seeds on them are best NOT put into your worm farm. It is best to compost these or give them to your chooks, or if you cannot do that then put them into your local garden waste recycling system.

Add a little sprinkle (half teaspoon) of ‘Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner’, every week or two, to allow the worms to keep the pH in good balance.

Remember if you get any ANAEROBIC (bad smelling) gases coming from your worm farm then you are most likely OVERFEEDING your worms.  Stop feeding them for a week or so. Dig gently and mix up the top layer of the feeding tray. This will help with aeration.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems, with any particular types of ‘weeds/wild herbs’. We can then let other people know.

Thanks for taking good care of your worms and for caring for our earth! 

Eco Logos ( Ecology = I will take care of everywhere I go!)

Worm Regards

Pete Rutherford

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