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How do i use my Worm Castings?

12 Apr 2012

I always keep the lowest working tray as the worms’ ‘home’ and use the tray above to fill with food scraps and soil. By the time this upper tray is full (after a few months), most of the worms have moved into it. At this point, I remove the lower tray, empty it of castings then hose it out and rotate it to the top of the worm farm. Then I start again, by adding food and soil to the clean top tray.

When it comes to feeding your garden, place small amounts of castings on planted areas or mix castings with water in a bucket then pour it around the plants. Always cover the castings with mulch.

The most important rule is to use less castings around your younger plants and more around the established plants.

All the best with your worms and garden.

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